Apple Watch Series 10 gets bigger display and thinner design, but new health features could be delayed

Apple has some big changes in store for this year’s Apple Watch refresh. A new report today details that the Apple Watch Series 10 lineup will feature larger displays, a thinner design, and faster performance. However, Apple has had some hiccups in its plans for new health features.

In the latest edition of his Switch newsletter, Bloombergs Mark Gurman reports that both Apple Watch Series 10 models, codenamed N217 and N218, will have larger displays this year. In fact, Gurman says the larger of the two models will have a display that’s “about the same size as the Apple Watch Ultra.”

This lines up with leaked schematics that surfaced last week, which show that the larger version of the Apple Watch Series 10 will have a 2-inch display, slightly larger than the 1.93-inch display on the Apple Watch Ultra. Gurman also says that the Apple Watch Series 10 will be thinner, but that the “design itself likely won’t look much different.”

The Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 both get a more powerful processor this year. While this “could lay the groundwork for some AI improvements in the future,” Gurman says that Apple currently has “no plans” to bring the full suite of Apple Intelligence features to the Apple Watch.

As for new health features, previous reports suggested that the Apple Watch Series 10 would add blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea features. In today’s report, Bloomberg says Apple made progress with these features last year, but has since “encountered some serious issues.”

The hypertension technology for the Apple Watch “was not as reliable as hoped during testing,” the report said. The reliability issues “may force Apple to delay the release until later this year.” When the feature is available, users will not see exact systolic and diastolic readings. Instead, the feature will show blood pressure trends over time, similar to how the body temperature feature on the Apple Watch currently works

The rumored sleep apnea detection feature of the Apple Watch has been linked to blood oxygen saturation data. Currently, Apple Watch models sold by Apple in the United States do not offer blood oxygen monitoring due to an import ban from the ITC.

Either Apple fixes the problem in September, or it finds a way to work around it (perhaps the company could argue that its oxygen reader can be used for purposes not directly related to blood oxygen levels). It could also announce the feature but release it later — or just delay it altogether.

Is this the Apple Watch X?

Bloomberg previously reported on Apple’s plans to launch an “Apple Watch X” overhaul in honor of the device’s 10th anniversary, describing the redesign as the Apple Watch’s “biggest overhaul yet.”

In today’s report, Gurman says it’s unclear whether this year’s new Apple Watch will get the anniversary branding, or if a wider release is planned for 2025:

It’s still unclear whether Apple will brand the upcoming watches as anniversary models or wait until next year. Given that the Apple Watch was announced in 2014 but didn’t release until 2015, the company could tout the anniversary this year or have a more splashy release in 2025.

The Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 are expected to be announced in September alongside the iPhone 16.

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