Danny Elfman accused of sexual abuse sues composer for defamation

Film composer Danny Elfman was sued for defamation on Wednesday over statements he made against Rolling stone last year in an article detailing the sexual harassment allegations against him and a subsequent settlement and nondisclosure agreement to keep the claims private.

The defamation lawsuit filed in Los Angeles by Los Angeles composer Nomi Abadi comes a year after a Rolling stone The investigation first uncovered her allegations that Elfman had exposed himself and sexually harassed her in 2016, before she and Elfman reached an $830,000 settlement and nondisclosure agreement a year later. Abadi filed a breach of contract lawsuit in July of last year regarding the settlement, alleging that Elfman had missed several payments. The case was placed in arbitration late last year. In a filing earlier this month, lawyers for Abadi claimed that arbitration had not yet been scheduled, despite several attempts to work with Elfman’s attorneys to set a date.

“Suspect Danny Elfman has spread terrible lies for publication in Rolling stone about Nomi, who had previously truthfully reported facts in a prior lawsuit that confirmed his propensity to sexually abuse women,” the complaint states. “Why? As part of a delusional ‘zero-sum’ scheme by Elfman to boost his questionable reputation by destroying Nomi’s credibility.” (A lawyer for Elfman did not immediately respond Rolling stone(‘s request for comment.)

Rolling stone‘s initial investigation included allegations that Abadi had confided in her to multiple friends and detailed in a police report. She alleged that Elfman had exposed himself and masturbated in front of Abadi on multiple occasions, that he had taken nude photographs of her in a Paris hotel room and that he had given her a martini glass filled with what she said Elfman had told her was semen. In a lengthy deposition at the time, Elfman denied ever exposing himself and masturbating in front of Abadi, denied ever saying the glass contained semen and claimed that Abadi was the one who requested the photo shoot.

In his statement, Elfman said he “allowed someone to get close to me without knowing that I was her ‘childhood crush’ and that her intention was to break up my marriage and replace my wife. When this person realized that I wanted distance from her, she made it clear that I would pay for rejecting her,” he said.

In the defamation lawsuit, Abadi alleges that Elfman not only defamed her by denying all of the various allegations of misconduct, but also by falsely portraying her as “a failed seductress who lied about him out of revenge and greed.”

Abadi also alleges that Elfman defamed her by claiming that she had insisted on the nude photos. In a response last year, a spokesperson for Elfman said that Abadi “stripped naked almost immediately without any encouragement.” In the lawsuit, Abadi alleged that Elfman “forced” her to take the photos. In the complaint, Abadi also alleges that during the photo shoot, while Elfman had his hand on his penis, he “grabbed Nomi by the wrist with his other hand, pressed her hand on her genitals,” and ordered her to masturbate as well.

“Nomi was terrified, frozen and acted as if she wanted to please defendant Elfman,” the lawsuit said, adding that Elfman “instructed Nomi to ‘not tell anyone about Paris,’ or she would be ‘dead meat.’” The lawsuit further alleged that Elfman later apologized and “blamed the loss of control, stating that ‘something had gotten into him.’”

Abadi’s latest defamation claim centers on the alleged incident with the martini glass. Elfman first emailed Abadi a photo of the glass, captioning it a “mystery dick [sic] to stimulate your ‘imagination.'” According to the police report Abadi filed, she claims Elfman told her the glass was filled with semen. A representative for Elfman said at the time that the glass actually contained the skin care product Cetaphil. Abadi alleges that Elfman not only defamed her by denying that the martini glass was filled with semen, but also by claiming that Abadi knew otherwise.

Abadi’s complaint includes a lengthy description of her alleged history with Elfman. Abadi claims that when the glass was presented to her, she “sat in silence, terrified, gagging from the fetid odor emanating from the glass of white substance.”

Abadi is asking the court for an undisclosed amount in damages and punitive damages.


“Defendant Elfman lied about Nomi, branding her as a scorned woman who sought to break up his marriage and as someone who initiated nude photography,” the complaint states. “As a result of Elfman’s and his representatives’ defamation, Nomi has suffered humiliation, both personally and professionally, within their shared composition industry and online, and harm to her professional reputation and her profession as a composer, musician, and educator.”

Abadi is not the only woman to come forward with claims of misconduct against Elfman. Three months after Rolling stones first story, A second anonymous woman came forward with similar claims of sexual harassment. “It is important for this Jane Doe that Nomi knows that she is no longer alone, that what was done to her by Elfman in so many ways mirrors what was done to Nomi,” attorney Jeff Anderson, who represents both Abadi and the anonymous woman, said at the time. Elfman also denied those allegations, saying the lawsuit was filed “for the improper purpose of embarrassing Mr. Elfman and extorting settlement money.”

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