Eat Less Bacon, Use Bug Spray, and 5 Other Wellness Tips You Need to Know This Week

Hello, Health News readers! My name is Kaitlin and I’m here to share the best wellness tips from around the web. The holiday weekend may be winding down, but summer is in full swing — and so is the scorching weather. Stay cool and use the summer sun as an excuse to eat lots of watermelon and gazpacho!

Of course, before you head outside, check your local weather forecast — and, if you’re a fan, your horoscope. Then read the tips below to see how you can improve your health and overall well-being this week.

🥓 Skip the bacon

Cutting back on processed meats—like bacon, deli meats, and hot dogs—by just 30 percent could help prevent diabetes, colorectal cancer, and even heart disease, a new study shows. Need a healthier replacement for your BLT? Try a hummus and veggie wrap for the extra fiber boost most Americans really need.

👫 Build your social circle

Chronic loneliness is an American epidemic, according to the Surgeon General — but new research now says it may also increase your risk of stroke by as much as 56%. Having trouble connecting with others? Try volunteering in your community, chatting with neighbors, or attending local events like art shows or educational workshops.

🦞 Eating lobster, living long?

Living in the triple digits is a rare feat — which is why 104-year-old lobster fisherman Virginia Oliver shares her tips on how to thrive. That includes avoiding smoking and alcohol, enjoying time in nature, and of course, eating lots of lobster — which just happens to be a great source of zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12.

🦟 Use insect spray

Bummer bug news: Mosquito-borne diseases are on the rise, with officials confirming that some of these insects have tested positive in West Nile. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also warned people about the rise of dengue fever, which is spread by mosquitoes and is endemic in places like Puerto Rico. Fight back by using bug spray and avoiding puddles of standing water, which can breed these pesky bloodsuckers.

Practice patience

Do you get frustrated easily? You’re not alone. While some people are lucky enough to be born patient, if you’re not one of them, there’s good news: You can work on it. Oprah Daily has tips for being more patient — and yes, that includes limiting your screen time. (Sorry!)

🍦 Go to the ice cream truck

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream — which dietitians say may be a better summer treat for you than you thought. They say it can be a better choice for blood sugar control than some other desserts on the menu.

😊 Lean on luck

An Ivy League education in happiness? Yahoo Creator Sean Kernan enrolled in Yale University’s free eight-week happiness course, The Science of Well-Being, and shares the four most important things he learned — like savoring, which means consciously thinking about an activity you just enjoyed and taking a moment to appreciate it.

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