Google Maps adds speedometer to iPhone, CarPlay

In 2019, Google Maps for Android got a speedometer that simply “shows how fast you’re going on the road,” and now it’s coming to iPhone.

Google has confirmed this iOS and CarPlay rollout to TechCrunch. The speedometer appears in the lower left corner as a circle when you are navigating in a vehicle. This “speed indicator changes color if you exceed the speed limit.”

Google Maps is also rolling out speed limit indicators worldwide for the road you are on.

As for safety, Google says the gauge is “for informational purposes only” and that “external factors may cause the Maps speedometer to differ from your actual speed.”

A shortcut lets you ‘turn the speedometer on or off by tapping Speed ​​limit’. To turn it off completely, go to Map settings > Navigation > Map display > Show speedometer.

We see it in Google Maps for iOS with version 6.123.0. This server-side update has been rolling out to users over the past few weeks.

The speedometer is not yet available on Android Auto.

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