‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Earns $30,000 for New York Performances

Hawk money!

We hear viral sensation “Hawk Tuah Girl,” Hailey Welch, is making some serious money in the Big Apple.

We hear Welch has booked a gig at New York’s iconic pop-up restaurant Memory Motel, along with two other area venues, for over $30,000.

Welch went viral for an interview with Tim & Dee TV about a man on the street. When asked for her favorite sex tip, she twangily replied, “You gotta give them that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing.”

“Hawk Tuah Girl” Hailey Welch makes big bucks and heads to NYC. Instagram/@hay_welch
We hear Welch gets paid $30,000 for his performances. Instagram/@hay_welch

On Saturday, July 13, she’ll be hosting a day event at the famed Memory Motel in the East Village. Tickets range from $45 to $55 each.

We’ve heard she’ll be taking pictures with fans and signing Memory merchandise.

She will also stop by the Ugly Duckling in Long Beach and Bull Smith’s Tavern in Smithtown.

Welch makes the most of her fifteen minutes of fame.

Last weekend she was on stage at country star Zach Bryan’s concert at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, her home state of Tennessee.

She also sells her own merchandise. Instagram/@hay_welch

She has also partnered with Tennessee-based Fathead Threads to sell official ‘Hawk Tuah’ gear.

We reported that the goods have already fetched $65,000.

Welch even signed a contract with a music management company, Penthouse.

“The world has gone crazy for Haliey! I’m thrilled our team can help pilot this spaceship. All the podcasters are right, spend five minutes with her and you’ll see why she’s America’s sweetheart,” founder Jonnie Forster told the Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

Shaquille O’Neal is even helping Hailey Welch learn to cope with her newfound fame, Page Six reports. He brought the social media star into the DJ booth at Jon Bon Jovi’s new restaurant and rooftop bar, JBJ’s Nashville.

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