iOS 18’s new ‘dynamic’ background option automatically changes color

Apple brings a new default wallpaper to iOS 18, as it does with every major release of iOS. But in iOS 18, the company has added a unique twist to its wallpaper offerings: a color-changing “dynamic” option.

This year, iOS 18’s default wallpaper comes in four different color variations, each with a two-tone design.

Whether you’re running the iOS 18 beta or not, you can download this year’s new wallpapers here.

However, in the current release of iOS 18 developer beta 3, the background has gained a new, fifth option: dynamic.

It’s unclear what exactly causes it, but with the dynamic background selected, the colors on your background will automatically change at different points during the day. You can see examples of the color variations in the image above.

This means you don’t have to settle for just one of the new wallpaper colour options. If you choose ‘dynamic’, you will experience all the different colours, and even a mix of different colours, at different times.

Have you installed the iOS 18 beta? What is your favorite wallpaper option? Let us know in the comments.

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