John Belushi’s widow Judy Belushi-Pisano dies at 73

Judy Belushi-Pisano

Widow of John Belushi dies at 73

Judy Belushi-Pisano –an actress and producer who was married to the legendary comedian John Belushi — has passed away… according to reports on John’s official social media.

Early Saturday morning, a post was shared on Facebook and Instagram announcing the tragic news: Judy had recently passed away, while also being praised for her creative genius and for honoring John in the decades since his death from an overdose.

The social media posts also mention Judy’s involvement in “The Blues Brothers,” the iconic musical comedy starring JB and Dan Aykroyd which Judy helped turn into a television series, according to IMDb. No cause of death has been released.

Judy grew up in Wheaton, Illinois and met John while they were both attending the local high school. They began dating when Judy was a sophomore and John was a junior.

After they both graduated, the couple moved to New York so Belushi could pursue his showbiz dreams. They married in 1976.

Of course, John’s career took off… and Judy appeared alongside him in other projects, such as ‘Animal House’ and the original ‘Blues Brothers’ film.

Pisano and Belushi were married until he overdosed on a combination of cocaine and heroin in 1982. She later married film producer Victor Pisano in 1990. We have contacted Judy’s family members…so far we have heard nothing.

Judy turned 73.


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