Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker embrace during ‘Run Travis Run’ 5K

Kourtney and Travis

Handy at his 5K…

Grab your PDA at ‘Run Travis Run’

Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker couldn’t keep their hands off each other during an event where they desperately needed their feet… and engaged in some lighthearted public talk during Barker’s 5K.

The famous couple attended his “Run Travis Run” wellness event in Los Angeles early Saturday morning, where the dynamic duo held hands, hugged … and — in typical Kourtney-Barker style — grabbed a handful of buttocks.

Check out the photos… KK and TB attended the festivities in their Saturday best sportswear, leggings, shorts and t-shirts, and it looked like they ran at least part of the race together.

They’ve also both been working up a sweat. They’ve been photographed running with other 5K participants, their feet moving with all the other health-minded, run-of-the-mill runners.


By the way, after this race, Barker is scheduled to perform with Blink-182 at the Kia Forum… So he’s already sweating profusely before he can hit the drums.

BTW … cameramen followed Kardashian and Barker all over the event. It’s unclear if the footage is for the event itself or for an upcoming season of “The Kardashians.” Fans of the show will be able to see all of ‘RTR’ in an upcoming season, though.

We know Travis and Kourtney love working out… tell People Before the race, they had connected early in their relationship through sports, and it’s clear they’re keeping that tradition going.

A meeting with the rich and famous? Only in Hollywood!!!

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