Nintendo Switch Sports free basketball update now available, here’s what’s in it

After recently announcing that basketball would be coming to Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo has now officially released this free update for the basketball sport.

As previously revealed, it will feature a trio of different game modes, including two-on-two matches, a solo three-point contest, and a ‘Five Streak Battle’, with local and online multiplayer support included as well.

Here’s the full breakdown, courtesy of Nintendo’s support page . In addition to Basketball, “several issues have been fixed” to improve the overall gameplay experience:

Last update: Ver. 1.5.0 (released July 9, 2024)


  • Basketball has been added. It can be played in all modes: global play, local play and play with friends.


  • Various issues have been fixed to improve the gameplay experience.

As you can see above, Nintendo also uploaded a new overview trailer featuring both basketball and golf. The free golf update will be added to Switch Sports in 2022.

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