Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door update now live (version 1.0.1), here are the full patch notes


Games were never released in a “finished” state, even back in the day. Look at Stryder7x, he has an entire channel dedicated to all the ways you can wreak havoc on the original N64 Paper Mario. I understand that there are a fair amount of games these days that are released in an unpolished state, but that’s not the case here. Sakurai even recently made a video about how games are so big and complex these days that post-launch patches are pretty much a necessity.

I think we romanticize the time before updates, when in reality, broken games were coming out all the time, and even games that had the “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” in 1985 had some pretty serious, game breaking glitches. The original Super Mario Bros. for example has the infamous Minus World glitch, and you can easily softlock yourself to the pipe at the end of water levels. Your chances of encountering one of these glitches are probably even higher on a casual playthrough than the TTYD glitches.

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