Pregnant Lindsay Hubbard’s Mysterious Boyfriend Finally Revealed

The father of Lindsay Hubbard’s child has been revealed.

Page Six can confirm that Bravolebrity is in a relationship and expecting her first child with Dr. Turner Kufe.

Kufe works as Vice President of Research and Investments at Royal Pharma. Before that, he worked for three years at JP Morgan, according to a screenshot of his LinkedIn page, which he appears to have deactivated.

Lindsay Hubbard’s boyfriend has been revealed. lindshubbs/Instagram
Bravolebrity is in a relationship with Dr. Turner Kufe, the Vice President of Research and Investments at Royal Pharma. Turner Kufe, MD/Linkedin

He became a physician at Tufts University School of Medicine in 2017 after graduating from Bowdoin College in 2011, where he also played golf and earned a degree in biochemistry.

We have not heard from Hubbard’s representative again.

The “Summer House” star initially defended keeping Kufe’s identity secret, saying his job is “not public.”

Hubbard, 37, first spoke about Kufe in June when she revealed during the Season 8 reunion of “Summer House” that she was dating a “wonderful man.”

Hubbard and Kufe are expecting their first child together. Instagram/@lindshubbs
She has kept the details of their romance, including the identity of her boyfriend, fairly private. lindshubbs/Instagram

However, this was their second chance at love, as the expectant mother explained in a previous interview. They first went on a few dates in the winter of 2020, before she started seeing her ex-fiancé Carl Radke.

“He was trying to figure out his career path, and it was just bad timing for him,” she said on the “Bitch Bible” podcast in May. “It was also the holidays, bad timing for me. I was in a weird situation at the time, and so he broke it off with me.”

“Some of my friends call it a boomerang: You go out the first time, the timing wasn’t right, and then they come back. That’s basically what happened,” she added.

Hubbard surprised fans on July 4 by announcing that she and the biotech professional are expecting their first child.

Hubbard announced her pregnancy earlier this month, saying she and her boyfriend are “extremely excited” to expand their family. Instagram/@lindshubbs
Hubbard confirmed she was dating a “wonderful man” during the “Summer House” season 8 reunion in June. Instagram/@lindshubbs

“I truly believe the universe has a bigger plan and this is it! 💫,” she wrote on Instagram while showing off her baby bump. “My boyfriend and I are beyond excited to welcome our little #HubbCub in the 2024 holiday season!!”

In a later interview published by People, the reality star said she originally took a pregnancy test in April 2024.

“Of course it was a surprise and a shock at first because we weren’t trying or even planning it, but we had some honest conversations and it just felt so right for both of us,” she enthused.

In May, she revealed that they were in a relationship in late 2020, before splitting. Instagram/@lindshubbs
Speaking to People, Hubbard said she and her husband “are so connected and connected and communicate very effectively.” Instagram/@lindshubbs

She gave insight into their life together, adding: “We have a very loving, caring and healthy relationship. I finally feel like I’ve found my match in him.”

Hubbard admitted that she understands that a new baby can put “a lot of pressure on a new relationship,” but she said she’s not worried because they have such a strong bond.

“I think it’s because he’s the right guy. We’re so connected and connected and communicate so effectively with each other that it doesn’t feel like work,” she said confidently.

Before finding her perfect match, Hubbard was in a relationship with her co-star Radke, 39. They first got together during the first few seasons of “Summer House,” but didn’t make it official until early 2022.

Hubbard was previously engaged to her co-star Carl Radke. Clifton Prescod/Bravo
They split in August 2023, about a year after they got engaged. lindshubbs/Instagram

The Radke Boys founder proposed to the former PR professional in the summer of 2022, but they split a year later.

A “surprised” Hubbard said in November 2023 that their split had “turned her life upside down,” but confirmed she was now at a point where she could move on with her life.

However, Radke denied his ex’s claims that she didn’t see the split coming and listed their heated arguments.

In May, he said he had made “the right decision” by ending their relationship.

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