Samsung Galaxy Ring reportedly costs €449

Samsung revealed the Galaxy Ring earlier this year, but we’ll get all the final details next week. Ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked event, a new report teases the Galaxy Ring’s price.

Smart rings aren’t the cheapest form of health tracker. The Oura Ring, one of the original options and still one of the best in the space, starts at $299. Others, like RingConn’s, start a bit lower at $279.

So, leading up to the Galaxy Ring’s launch, the price was a big question mark. Back in May, there were rumors that the wearable would cost upwards of $300 and might also have a subscription service, but we haven’t heard much about it since then.

Now, Dealabs provides an overview of the Galaxy Ring price.

A new report claims that the Galaxy Ring will be available in France starting at €449. The Ring will be available to customers from July 19 in 13 sizes and 3 colors, as previously announced.

Direct conversions for these prices are rarely perfectly indicative of Samsung’s strategy, but this wouldn’t put the Ring too far away from $500 USD. That’s highly unlikely, though. As a better point of comparison, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in its 47mm variant costs €449 in France, but $429 in the US, which seems a lot more realistic for the Ring, even if it’s still quite a bit higher than competing smart rings.

It’s not yet known whether Samsung will actually charge a subscription fee for using the Galaxy Ring, but it will have a big impact on the price.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Ring at its upcoming Unpacked event on July 10, which will also introduce new foldables, watches and perhaps more.

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