Teresa Giudice criticized for bad Photoshop of Larsa Pippen

Teresa Giudice

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Well, maybe it’s someone else’s body

Teresa Giudice gets annoyed about a photo she posted online that has been labeled the “worst Photoshop ever.”

So it seemed innocent enough… Teresa posted the photo of her with Larsa Pippenwishing her fellow reality star a happy birthday. Again innocent enough… a photo by the ocean.

The caption… “Happy birthday to my girl @larsapippen wishing you all the best. Love you 💕.”

Well, TG’s followers were quick to point out that the outlines around their bodies looked like they were ripped from another photo. It also looked like they weren’t even together on the sand.

Teresa’s “fans” jumped on it… “Photoshop nightmare. So embarrassing.”

Another one, a little more cheeky… “Honey. You couldn’t go to the real beach?”

Teresa didn’t like the feedback so she turned off the comments, but left the photo up.

This isn’t Teresa’s first rodeo…she’s super into photoshopping, but then again, so is everyone. It seems like some are better at it than others…

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