WWE had to talk to Canadian authorities to allow Jacob Fatu to deposit money in the bank

Former MLW Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu, who signed with WWE earlier this year, made a huge impact with his debut on the June 21 episode of Friday Night SmackDown. However, his journey to competing at Money In The Bank was far from easy.

Fatu’s recent performances on SmackDown have demonstrated his formidable presence both in and out of the ring. His undeniable talent and aggressive style have made it clear that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Interestingly enough, WWE had to negotiate with Canadian authorities to allow Fatu to participate in Money In The Bank. During the Countdown to Money In The Bank pre-show, Michael Cole revealed that WWE and Triple H were actively involved in securing Fatu’s entry into Canada.

“There’s been a lot of jokes about Jey Uso coming into Canada, but we have a serious situation with Jacob Fatu,” Cole said. “WWE, including Triple H, had to work with Canadian authorities to get Jacob Fatu into the country for this match tonight. It shows how dangerous he is perceived to be, not only by WWE but by outsiders as well.”

Fatu’s criminal past had previously prevented him from wrestling outside of the US. Despite these challenges, he is now set to compete at Money In The Bank. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see what kind of impact he will make in this high-stakes event.

With his powerful in-ring skills and determination to overcome personal obstacles, Jacob Fatu’s participation in Money In The Bank adds a layer of excitement and intrigue. His presence in the match could be a game-changer, making this year’s event one to remember.

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